When you're going to sell valuable metal in LA or Ventura, some questions may come across your mind.  Here are some of the common questions we've received as a precious metal buyer in LA. 

Why should I sell my gold?

Common reasons to sell valuable metal in LA include to liquidate assets in times in which cash is needed and to capitalize on high gold prices.  In this economic climate, gold selling is becoming more and more popular as a method of liquidating assets when cash would be more useful than precious metals.  Based on the ounce and pennyweight of gold, you will be able to liquidate your gold effectively through Gold Buyer Depot.  

Do you buy more than just gold?

Yes, absolutely!  We buy gold, silver, and platinum.  See our "What we buy" page for more information on the types of precious metals that we buy.

How do I send my gold to you?

1- You can bring your unwanted gold, silver and platinum directly
to a Gold Buyer Depot walk-in location in Santa Clarita and get paid on the spot!

2- Or fill up the on line formand we will e-mail your pre-paid, insured FedEx shipping label and detailed instructions. then you will put your items in a properly secured bag.

3-Take your bag to FedEx® shipping location. Go to http://fedex.com/Dropoff/start or call 1-800-GOFEDEX to find the nearest FedEx® location. Track your package at  http://fedex.com/us/ by your FedEx®  tracking number.

Does it cost me anything to send my gold?

No.  We cover all the shipping costs so that you don't have to.

How will I know that my package has arrived safely?

If you shipped your gold to us via Gold Buyer Depot FedEx® service, you can track your FedEx® package, and we will send you an e-mail once we have received and processed your package.  That way, you can be sure that your shipment has arrived safely.

What if my package gets lost ?

If you shipped your items to us using the Gold Buyer Depot FedEx® service, your package is insured up to $500. if you think your items worth more than $500 we suggest that you purchase insurance coverage. If you ship your package yourself without using our FedEx services, we’re not responsible for the items and would recommend that you purchase insurance for you package.

How do you decide what you will pay me?

We consider three main factors when we make a statement for your gold sale.

1) The price of gold; quoted by the London afternoon fixing the day your package arrives and is processes.

2) The karat content of the gold you are selling. 

3) The weight of the gold you are selling.

How will you pay me?

You will be notified of your cash settlement via email or phone.

You have 24 hours after processing of your package to decline our cash settlement offer, you can notify us of your declination via email or phone during business hours, if we do not heard back form you within 24 hours of processing we’ll process your payment and you’ll be paid by the payment of your choice.

Do I need to clean my jewelry before I send it to you?

No, you do not need to clean or polish the jewelry before you send it.

What if the items I send you turn out not to be precious metals?

We will send any items that we don’t buy and are not precious metals back to you.

But what about gemstones?  Will you send gemstones back to me?

We buy diamond if they are larger than 3.0 mm, but if you indicated on the merchandise shipping slip for the removal of the stones we will send them back to you after removing them We do not buy diamonds smaller than 3.0 mm or any other gemstones.

Please note: We will not be able to remove some of the stone setting types such as channel, pave and bezel sets, We will not be able to remove these stones since there is a chance of damaging the stones and we will not be liable and responsible for the damages of such as You must indicate your request for stone removal on your Merchandise Shipping slip.

Do you charge for gemstone removal?

No, we do not charge for gemstone removal, but in order to ensure that your gemstones are returned to you in due time, we send them back to you via FedEx Home Delivery and require a signature.  We also deduct $10.00 from your cash settlement and will insure the gemstones up to $150.00.

How can I find out how much I'm going to be paid?

After receiving your package we will contact you by email or telephone to let you know your cash settlement is ready. You have 24 hours to contact us for approval of the cash settlement. Our policy is to issue payments within 24 hours of processing. so if we don't hear from you, after 24 hours we will process your payment and payment will be issued and all your items will be melted and refined.

What if I don’t like the price you’re offering me ?

After being notified of your cash settlement price, you will have 24 hours to decline our offer, you can notify us of your declination via email or phone during business hours and your items will be returned to you.

If you choose to be paid by company check, and you did not affirmatively accept the settlement you will have ten (10) business days from the date on the check to change your mind. Simply let us know you have decided to return our check and we will set your items aside. Upon receipt of our returned check within ten (10) business days from the date of the check, Gold Buyer Depot will return your items. Refer to Terms and Conditions for more details

Please contact us if you have a question that is not listed here.