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At Gold Buyer Depot, we are enormously proud of our commitment to buying gold, silver, and platinum in its many different forms.  We know that not everyone stores their gold in the form of Krugerrand coins or gold bars; people possess their gold, silver, and platinum in the form of jewelry. We will buy your jewelry regardless of their condition.   We also extend diamond buyer California services to the Los Angeles area, so you can sell your diamonds or other jewelry at a great value.

Our inclusive policy of gold buying means that it has never been easier to sell your precious metals in Santa Clarita; Gold Buyer Depot will ease you through the process of selling gold, silver, or platinum to a gold, silver, or platinum buyer in LA.   

If you have never sold gold before, then you will be pleasantly surprised at our agreeability when it comes to accepting different types of gold; if you have sold gold before, then your experience with premier scrap gold buyer Gold Buyer Depot's very inclusive policy on gold buying will be a pleasant change of pace from the tight policies many gold buyers in Los Angeles and the surrounding area utilize. 

About Gold and Other Metals

Gold Buyers Gold

 *10kt – 10k – 416
*14kt – 14k – 585
* 18kt – 18k – 750

Silver Buyers Silver

 * .925 
 * .999 silver

Platinum Buyers Platinum

  * .950 platinum
*   950PT

Diamond Jewelry Buyers Diamond Jewelry



We at Gold Buyer Depot are Happy to Purchase: 

We buy any material containing gold, silver or platinum in the form of jewelry, dental gold, watches, coins, Gold Bars / Ingots, estate items, and more!  Jewelry Items such as Rings, Brooches, Anklets, Charms, Earrings, Broken Jewelry, Chains and Necklaces, Lockets and Bracelets. Just ask us if you have any questions regarding the types of gold that we buy.  We will simply ask you to explain the item you want to sell, and we will tell you not only whether or not we will buy it, but also an estimate of  how much we will be able to pay for it.



What We Don't Buy:

There are, however, a few types of gold that we do not purchase.  Those types are gold filled, gold plated, and silver plated items. 

We do not purchase plated items, as the value of gold products lies primarily in the pure metallic items.  We highly recommend that you sell as much as you can at one time; so, you will be able to take advantage of our volume rates.
As you can see, we at Gold Buyer Depot; gold, silver and platinum buyer in LA have an extraordinary amount of flexibility when it comes to buying gold, silver, and platinum.  We want to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for you.  Call us or stop by in our new location in Santa Clarita today.  Our friendly gold,silver and platinum buyer LA Associates will work with you to allow you to liquidate as much of your jewelry as possible! 


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